Thursday, May 8, 2014

May Update

Hi! I think it would be wise to address the elephant in the room: It has been a while since my last post. Actually, an entire month! There are quite a few reasons for the hiatus. Firstly, I had finals so that took up a majority of my attention. Secondly, I had to get my unbelievable amount of things out of my dormitory and into storage (this was literally the most tiring day ever). Lastly, I honestly had no idea what to write. I was excited to publish my first post, but once I did, I wondered what my next step should be. Seeing as this is only my second post, this blog is still an experiment. Besides, practice makes perfect.

My typical travel look. Loud and proud.

Although I started my blog in Pittsburgh, I am now back in Hong Kong spending the summer. My journey from Pittsburgh to Hong Kong was extremely tiring. I left on the evening of April 27th and arrived in Los Angeles before transferring to a direct flight to Hong Kong. Overall, the journey was approximately 27 hours. On the positive side, I was not delayed! I have had a bad history with being stuck in a city for a number of days while on my way to Hong Kong (or maybe it was Cathay Pacific’s bad history…), so I was completely surprised and unreasonably prepared. Overcome with joy after getting home without a single delay, I immediately did what anyone else would do after setting foot in Hong Kong: I ate.

Let’s not jump into the details just yet. Now that I am here and have time as my companion, I have decided to write about Hong Kong and its wonders, as well as its letdowns. For the next couple of weeks, Hong Kong will be my topic of interest so stay tuned for the highlights of living here!

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